Now these days the Global Warming is terrifying everyone. There are so many reasons for Global Warming. The developed and developing countries are responsible for this event, because the greenhouse gases released are affecting the atmosphere. These countries are disturbing the atmosphere in the name of growth. Another reason is imbalance of nature; many creatures are being out of existence due to the pollution caused by these countries. You can find lots of great examples of boiler replacement in Mold at this site. www.temposavesenergy.com

In most of the countries many of the villages are located in rural areas, where power cables are inaccessible. The villagers who are living in these villages are poor, illiterate, and innocent. As these villages are isolated the development is far away from the dream. Due to non availability of electricity they continue to uncivilized years together in darkness.

It is Our opinion that, every country should think about the possibilities of generating electricity by using renewable energy resources. The renewable energy resources like solar power and wind power which are available at anywhere. It is a big misunderstanding that these methods are expensive, but you should also be convinced that these are cheap in long run and cost of maintenance is almost all zero.  

The solar and wind power energy generation systems are free from pollution they doesn’t emit hazardous greenhouse gases in to the air, they doesn’t affects on human health, they doesn’t imbalance the nature and even they doesn’t throw the Earth to Global warming.

So, the developed and developing countries should concentrate on the causes of Global Warming. The Governments in the countries where the villages located in rural areas should concentrate to provide electricity to these isolated areas by installing solar or wind power energy plants based on the availability of resources.

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